Origin of Temple of Venus

The Origin of Outback’s “Temple of Venus”

In the year 1999, I was closing Outback after 20 years of serving the community in fun adventurous ways. At that time, the byline for Outback was, “Adventurous Clothing”. And the origin of the name Outback, was an Aussie girlfriend and I started outback in the garage and we were always telling our kids, we’ll be outback. Hmmm Australia, outback … seemed to me the perfect name at the time.

People that didn’t know us/Outback, would assume our clothing was backpacking gear. But as we grew and sold wholesale to over 3000 stores, many people got to know we were talking about being adventurous with your dress and your life whether in the city, traveling, or in nature. We were told our clothing was dangerous because they were so comfortable they never wanted to take them off, even to sleep in!

We didn’t have email connection to our LoveTribe back then, but we still received almost 1000 communications of, Oh no! You can’t close! We need Outback! I said I would rest for a while and then open for a couple of weekends somewhere, so everyone could gather, hang with each other and find treasures.

So why the “Temple of Venus” ? I was in a women’s circle that was brought over from Eastern Europe by Norma Tringali. She was a very compassionate and powerful Mystic, teacher, friend, and community leader. During the AIDS crisis, she fed thousands of people and helped hundreds crossover in peace and dignity with their spirit intact.
Norma came by Outback as we were closing, and she said I was going to reopen and when I did, I would reopen as the Temple of Venus. She said I would have long flowing clothes. At the time I thought I was retiring and I was thinking flowing clothes are your style, I’m a sporty girl. But I didn’t say anything also knowing she was usually right.

In this circle, I am Venus and clan Mother “loves all things”. These names were given to me in a mystical naming ritual. At one point during this hours long ritual, I experienced a feminine energy in the form of woman come to me. She put her arms around me and held me. I experienced being completely held in love, in every part of me … physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As she held me, she said, “I love you my sweet”. I dissolved into that love. And then she became me and became a communication from me to all… I love you my sweet.
At this point Norma came to me and said, “I saw she just came to you, you are Venus and clan mother loves all things”.

I was living in Hana Maui on 9/11/2001. I knew after this event the fear bug would be spreading and the antidote for that is love. So, time to go back and open the “love temple” with a 2-weekend pop-up. Everything unfolded effortlessly, a cool studio apt 2 blocks away from our temple space. This 20,000 square foot newly built stand alone building, with 4 temple bays, connected by big archways and peaked roofs and a parking lot! The space filled up magically in 9 days with hundreds of our LoveTribe (our community) pouring in, so happy and appreciative. The story of it filling up is magical but for another time, but one of the things that came to us was hundreds of beautiful cut velvet and silk long flowing robes, dresses and tunics at half off of regular price (thanks to my good friend Ricki, of Citron)

… hmm ok, Outback in the Temple of Venus arose. And the rest is herstory.