Devi founded Outback Adventurous Clothing 35 years ago. Through Outback, Devi designed, manufactured, wholesaled and retailed high quality women’s contemporary clothing. The Outback and Devi labels were distributed nationally to over 3000 boutiques and department stores for 16 years. Devi opened her own California retail stores in Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, Mill Valley and Arcata and published the Outback Timely Newsletters to over 18,000 Love Tribe members. (See Devi’s Newsletter Archives 1989-99.)

Be Fearless Choose Love - Outback Retail Outlet, Berkeley California 1986-1999
Be Fearless Choose Love – Outback Retail Outlet, Berkeley California 1986-1999

Devi has a herstory of innovating new fabrics and treatments of fabrics and garments, and she was among the first to use organic cotton 30 years ago along will full cycle production in her line called Reciprocity. She created designs that are rich in texture, soft in feel, lighter on the environment, and flattering to most bodies, including larger sizes. Women are still wearing clothing produced 20 years ago. The clothing feeds a hunger for beauty, art, diversity, culture, with a respect for the Earth and for women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Outback Clothing Line Sheets
Outback Clothing Line Sheets

Her motto is “Be Fearless, Choose Love”. Outback and Devi labels represented clothing with a message – a compassionate focus on ecology, social justice, and materials. Clothing lines were integrated around themes on colorful hangtags like “The Spirit of America” and “Save the Rainforest. (See Devi’s clothing hang tags.)

Outback Clothing Hang Tags with a Message
Outback Clothing Hang Tags with a Message

Devi also designed lines of “temple-wear” furniture, produced in Thailand. she shopped around the world producing clothing and buying containers of products from Bali, Japan, India, Holland, Mexico and Thailand. While traveling, she found wonderful products for her shops and co-created products with suppliers, many women owned cooperatives and small family business.

She closed her business and shops in 2000 and focused on properties in Mexico and Hawaii, but after 9/11 she reopened the Outback in the Temple of Venus shop to her Bay Area community. Since then Devi has evolved a unique temple shopping experience, and developed a business model for profitable popup stores. Her stores address an under-served market demographic- mature women in their 40s and older who want designer fashions at reasonable prices in a wider range of sizes from petite to plus sizes.

Over the past 10 years, Devi has purchased off-price designer clothing from design wholesaling companies that she has consulted with or worked with for many years, and perfected an outlet store popup business model. Combining shopping and temple environments, for sacred commerce and nurturing and community building, winning many best shopping experience awards, and “Best of the Bay”.

Devi at Outback in the Temple of Venus on Fourth Street in Berkeley, February 2014.