Maui Arrival

January 2021
My small pod, my daughter Shaye, grandson Kobe, Robert and I landed in Maui (YEAH!) a few days ago.

We’ve had a home here for 20 years, where I was living when 9/11 happened and I came back for a month to open Outback with a pop up shop for a couple of weekends to spread the love as the fear bug pandemic erupted. That led to living back in the Bay Area with visits to my home in Hana, Maui.

Robert was on his way to Maui last March when the shelter in place hit. The last 8 months we’ve had squatters. Unfortunately not people we could work out an exchange of taking care of the property with, but people addicted to meth that trashed and stripped the property.

Trespassers/squatters aren’t something the police handle, even if the neighbors are afraid of these people and think there is a meth lab there. So after 7 months of legal working and $$ they are out and we are here to take it back, fix it up and probably will need to sell it. It’s not in shape to live in, so we are staying in a rented home.

That said, it’s WONDERFUL to be back on island. And Kobe, now 2 with an unbelievable vocabulary, a fabulous conversationalist, story teller and singer … life with him is truly a musical comedy adventure. Yesterday, he discovered boogie boards, he got right on it and balanced like a pro surfer taking steps forward and back to keep his balance. Although his mom doesn’t want his pictures public, he looks the part with his golden brown skin and brown hair with blond curls.

We’re all blessed to be here, especially during these times.
Aligned with fun in 2021!