HOPE – Hypocrites of Planet Earth

Not until we acknowledge our hypocrisies is there any hope

It’s about the awareness and forgiveness of our own hypocrisies.

You know how as we point a finger at others and four fingers point back at ourselves? What’s the best way we teach children? Yes, by example. You can’t teach love, peace, forgiveness … you can only learn and be that and have it expand out. You can share tips that work for you though!

We use organic cotton and produce locally which although helps in some ways it makes it exclusive … too expensive for many to buy. This is one of our hypocrisies which we will name. We will name them all on our tags. Here’s our tag in process.

I will write (well I wrote it years ago on paper … now where did I put that?) a small booklet with a 12 step program for recovering hypocrites. Which we never recover from … until the 13th step, shared later on in the process. I will have to remember (rediscover) that as well!.

As many of you know, that have been along this life journey with me for many years … I used to design and manufacture clothing to enhance beauty, comfort, fun and creativity and used themes to communicate messages of awareness of our oneness, and ways to travel through life with more peace, joy, inspiration and contribution. Besides my LoveTribe (you) from our Temple Shops, we had followers in 1000’s of shops we sold to. Some came into the shops for the clothing, some for the messages on the hang tags and some for both. Just like the you’all that read this newsletter, some just want to hear about the clothes and sales. Some just want to read and gain inspiration from the words, and some both.

I look forward to sharing my hypocrisy, love and beauty once again to a wider, diverse (in our hypocrisies as well as our beauty and expressions of love and humanity) community. Thanks for joining me on this journey!