God Is A Mother

When I was 17, I met a warlock at night in a tree in a park (at least he said he was a warlock). He gave me a book and the title was, “God is a Mother.”

He said he would meet me back at the tree the next night but that didn’t happen. But this fabulous book had a validating and comforting effect, which for a confused teen whose world had just changed dramatically, was greatly needed. Unfortunately the book disappeared as strangely as it showed up, though it had done it’s job for me.

My family had just moved to the Valley in LA from city life in New York. My father had a heart attack and died dropping me off to school and my mother who had 5 children, was 39, hadn’t worked, didn’t drive, was left with no money, and was soon to become brain damaged in a car accident.

And I would step into motherhood and a path that led me into the arms of the mother, which I wrote about in a little booklet called, “In the Arms of the Mother” and gave to my “LoveTribe” customers in 1995 on Mother’s Day, and sent as a PDF last year. If you didn’t see that and would like to, Click Here.

Shaye and Kobe, April 2019